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Aksara Jawa Fonts Free

Introducing all Aksara Jawa fonts you must try to download in calligraphy typeface. Aksara Jawa (Javanese script) fonts is often used to create a literary work, educational needs, the creation of special letters, and many more. Aksara Jawa is certainly familiar in the Java region itself. In addition to Javanese culture, there are some heritage scripts such as Sundanese script and Balinese script.

Aksara Jawa, also known as Hanacaraka or Carakan, is an abugida script that is used to write the Javanese language. It is a descendant of the Brahmi script and is closely related to the Sundanese script and Balinese script. Aksara Jawa has around 20 to 33 basic characters, depending on the dialect. Each consonant represents a syllable with the inherent vowel /a/ or /ɔ/, which can be changed with diacritics. There are also a number of special characters for punctuation, numerals, and foreign words.

Aksara Jawa is used to write a variety of texts, including literature, religious texts, historical records, and everyday documents. It is also used in traditional performing arts, such as wayang and kethoprak. The use of Aksara Jawa has declined in recent years, but it is still taught in schools and used by some people in Java. It is a rich and complex script with a long history, and it is an important part of Javanese culture.

Free Aksara Jawa Fonts

Please Note:
These are similar free fonts to Aksara Jawa. We tried our best to find the best matching fonts of Aksara Jawa Font.
Hope you will find these collections helpful!

1. Hanacaraka Font

Hanacaraka Font

2. Aksara Jawa Font

Aksara Jawa Font

3. Tuladha Jejeg Font

Tuladha Jejeg Font

4. Jawa Palsu Font

Jawa Palsu Font

5. Noto Sans Javanese Font

Noto Sans Javanese Font

6. Javanese Text Font

Javanese Text Font

7. Nawatuna Font

Nawatuna Font

8. Jamawi Font

Jamawi Font

9. New Kramawirya Font

New Kramawirya Font

10. Nyk Ngayogyan Font

Nyk Ngayogyan Font

Akasara Jawa Fonts Free Alternatives

1. Upakarti Font

Upakarti Font

2. Kamasyuran Jawa Font

Kamasyuran Jawa Font

3. Aksara Sastrajendra Font

Aksara Sastrajendra Font

4. Java Calligraphy Font

Java Calligraphy Font


So, thats all Aksara Jawa Font and the alternative of Aksara Jawa Fonts we can share to you for free. If you think we did great Aksara Jawa Fonts alternative collections then share this post with your favorite social networks, or if you think we missed any favorite alternative to Aksara Jawa, then let us know in the comment section below.

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