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Futura PT Font Family

Futura PT Font Family is a sans-serif typeface has become one of the most recognizable twentieth century Geometric Sans Serif styles. Originating as early as 25th century Crete where Cretans created Greek capitals on Gortyn Code stone tablets during Pythagoras period; later Roman Imperialists utilized these stones for writing on Scipio’s tomb. Later classical revivalist architects from 18th century London utilized Geometric sanserif as a template and later employed it in Caslon Typefaces starting 1817 with Vincent Figgins maintaining certain elements from Geometric sanserif.

Paul Renner was inspired by Bauhaus explorations into geometric design as well as Ludwig & Mayer typeface Erbar in 1927 when he created an array of Bauhaus designs later adopted by Bauer Design Office to develop Sanserifs composed of equal-weight circles and triangular isosceles shapes; such as Erbar and Universal Alphabet as well as typographic designs like Futura that made an incredible mark on mid-20th Century fashion trends.

Futura provides an entertaining example of its continued relevance, even as one of only a select few fonts legally registered art. As the Bauer Letter Design Office plays such an integral role, ownership lies solely with Renner or his heirs.

Futura PT Sans Serif Font Family

Futura PT Font Family

Font Name: Futura PT
License: Free for Personal Use!
Font Type: OTF
Format: .Zip
Total Files: 1

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